Sports as a career in INDIA

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Sports as a career in INDIA

India was perceived by rest of the world as a land only of snake charmers and elephants but now they know how false it was! It is  in fact, a land of people making it big in the fields of research, arts, sports, technology, space and many more! With over a 100 satellites launched this year, India has marked its presence on the world map!

In this era of India’s journey towards being a developed nation, the thoughts of Indians have long been developed! We are not in the times anymore when kids were imposed with some set career choices from CA, LLB, Engineering or Medical! The times when the choices were majorly made by the parents and not the kids; apparently looking for a secure, settled and respectable job in the society! This was because they thought most of the occupations were unsteady and weren’t to be trifled with.

Well, but the swing picked up by the people who were actually interested in sports.They found mediums and resources to pursue their passion, they seized the opportunities that came their way and made it into successful careers. There were mainly 3 reasons for this remarkable sports revolution:
  1. Education: People became aware of sports, its importance and its demands! Education brought the thought of choosing and letting choose sports as a career option.
  2. Facilities: As times changed, people were made available with the facilities that are required to pursue a particular sport! The infrastructure changed and so did the thought process!
  3. Support: This is the most important of all! Support is all that a sportsman needs; in any form, shape or way! That made a huge difference in lifting up the spirits of sportsmen!

Today we see a number of academies that have been set up specifically for sports. These institutions aim at training individuals to represent their country. The medals and respect earned during Asian games, Commonwealth games and Olympic games speaks volume for itself. This paved the way for many passionate athletes who took inspiration and now are shining bright in the leaderboards at games!

Lakshya is one such organisation that believes in making dreams come true. our players have taken the very risk of challenging conventional norms and pursuing their passion. Lakshya has been built with the motive of providing aid to these exceptional players. Our vision is to provide India with a Gold Medal in Olympics.
They say, “Every drop in the ocean counts”. So we should not hesitate to be that drop, should we? Together we stand to support our athletes. Together we stand to support ‘Sports’!


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