Sharpshooter Swapnil

Born on 6th August 1995, Swapnil Kusale is an immensely talented rifle shooter. His career as a sportsman began in 2009, at the mere age of 14. His father, a village school teacher, urged him to join the Maharashtra government’s primary sporting programme, Krida Prabodhini. From his childhood to his youth, Swapnil had always been interested in sports. It was a year after he trained under a rigorous fitness regime at the programme, that he had to choose a sport. He opted for shooting and the rest as they say is history.

“Since then shooting has become my life” he says.

By 2012, he had carved out a niche for himself, and was well-known in not just the junior but also the continental circuit as well. There has been no looking back since then.
In 2013, Lakshya Sports recognized his massive potential and began supporting him in his endeavour to become the best in the field.
Winning tournaments after tournaments, he has truly stolen the limelight!

We take great pride in presenting his achievements:
- Clinched gold in the 50m rifle 3 position event at the Junior Asian Shooting Championship in 2015.
- In the same year, he went on to win Gold in the men’s 50m rifle prone event in the 59th National Shooting Championship beating Chain Singh and Gagan Narang.
- He also won Bronze in the 50m 3 position at the same event.
- Swapnil has also been selected for the Commonwealth Shooting Championships to be held from 28th October 2017.
Gagan Narang is his idol and shooting against him was his proudest moment. “Gagan Narang was my hero growing up and to be competing with him is amazing! The most important thing he has taught me is to stay calm between shots” he says.

Swapnil is sponsored by Lakshya Sports and Ravetkar Group (Pune). They support him in all the necessary expenses required for coaching, equipment, medical facilities as well as travel. A testament of sheer dedication and hardwork, we believe Swapnil has all it takes to become a legend of the game, and leave a lasting legacy.

World Champion: Sachin Siwach

The story of Sachin Siwach is nothing short of exemplary. He was born on 6th December 1999, and hails from Mitathal village near Bhiwani, Haryana. Sachin took to boxing at the age of 10. His father, Mr. Kishan Kumar who is a farmer by profession, and mother, Mrs. Nirmala Devi, always encouraged him to work relentlessly to pursue his dream career in the field of Boxing.
Sachin's hardwork and dedication landed him at Captain Hawa Singh Academy in Bhiwani where he trained under the supervision of coach Sanjay Kumar. His coach had initially refused to enroll him into the academy because he was undernourished. His diligence and perseverance is what has contributed to his success in International Boxing.

Some of his extraordinary achievements are:
- Currently he in the elite national camp for the upcoming Asian games.
- Sachin grabbed a Silver medal at Asian Youth Boxing Championship in July 2017. 
Senior national champion and was flag bearer for the Indian contingent at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas, he Won Gold in his weight category
- One of his greatest and noteworthy achievements was winning a Gold at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas.
- In 2016, he clinched a Gold medal in the 49 kg-category at the Youth World Boxing Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Sachin is the third Indian to win gold at a Youth World Championship after Nanao Singh (2008) and Vikas Krishan (2010).
- Junior World Champion, Russia.
- He won Bronze in AIBA Junior Boxing World Championship in Saint Petersburg , Russia in September 2015. 
- He was named Asian Boxing Confederation's best youth boxer of the year.

Despite his laurels, Sachin’s attitude towards training has remained solid as ever. The adversities he faced never weighed his spirit down. The tenacity with which he overcame all the health and financial difficulties is admirable. He has been an idol to every person who was deemed incapable to fulfill their ambitions in life. He draws inspiration from Vijender Singh and wishes to follow his footsteps and represent India at the Olympics.

His brilliance is recognized by Lakshya, an organisation which aims to provide the required assistance to athletes and nurture sports talent in India.
He is currently supported by Lakshya Sports and Sony Pictures Networks India, Mumbai who help him providing necessary coaching, travel expenses and constant motivation. Lakshya is proud to be a part of Sachin’s journey towards being one of the world’s finest athletes.

Naman Tanwar hands India her first boxing medal – bags 91kg bronze.

Rajyawardhan Rathore: Cabinet Minister incharge for ministry of youth affairs & sports in India

The tiny village of Haluwas – where the Tanwars lived – is about 10 kilometers away from Bhiwani, and it was during their daily commute in the evenings that Sunder Singh Tanwar would discuss boxing with his teenage son. Sunder had originally sent off his young – but alarmingly obese son to a boxing academy in Bhiwani to learn the sport in a bid to lose some weight. But it was only a few months that young Naman had started to take the sport seriously.

Commonwealth Games 2018 Success

  • A few years from those journeys between Haluwas and Bhiwani, Naman has become the talk of town, having secured a bronze medal at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. 
  • Naman, being the youngest member of the Indian boxing squad in Australia, started his campaign in the men’s heavy weight(91 kg) division with a convincing victory over Tanzania’s Haruna Mhando. 
  • Tanwar did not face any real threat from his opponent as he cruised to a unanimous 5-0 victory at the Oxenford Studios arena. 
  • However, Tanwar saw his run at the Gold Coast come to an end against Australia’s Jason Whateley with a 4-0 defeat. 
  • But what stood out was his swagger in the ring. The World Youth Championship bronze medalist employed an unorthodox style, keeping his guard down and using his reflexes to avoid his opponent’s punches while hitting on the counter. His thundering upper-cuts left even a seasoned boxer like Whateley reeling momentarily. 
  • The Gold Coast Games are Tanwar’s first major senior event and winning a medal by reaching the semi-finals is testament to the teenager’s prospects as his career progresses. 

Before he left for the Commonwealth Games, his father asked him what medal he believed he would come back with. With typical cheek, Naman replied, “There’s only one medal. I only consider gold as a medal.”
He’ll return from Gold Coast with a bronze, a color he may not recognize as a medal. But the level of performance he provided in the ring was certainly pure gold!

Naman is currently being supported by Lakshya sports, which is a non-profit organization working towards recognizing and nurturing the upcoming sports talent in India. He is sponsored by Tariero Artisan Roastery.

Pooja Sahasrabudhechanges face of Indian Table Tennis

Pooja Sahasrabudhe is an Indian International Table Tennis player form Thane, Maharashtra. She comes from a humble middle-class family, playing table tennis from the age of 9 in the year 2000. Maharashtra’s Pooja Sahasrabudhe is ranked number 3 in India in Women’s Singles Category and is currently a member of Indian National Women’s Table Tennis Team.

She got the better of India’s top ranked paddler Manika Batra, in the Rio 2016 qualifiers. But she failed to make a cut after Manika Batra and Mouma Das booked an August date in Rio de Janerio. “I missed Rio by a whisker this time but I will try to bring home a medal from 2018 Commonwealth Games. I want to represent India at the 2020 Olympics,” said Pooja with great spirit and determination.

Pooja's amazing play at Commonwealth Games 2018
The spectacular win in the recent Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, certainly proves that Pooja Sahasrabudhe is not just the one to talk. When Indian Women’sTable tennis team won gold at the ongoing Commonwealth, it was the biggest and the brightest moment for women’s TT in India. The team consists of four players, Pooja Sahasrabudhe, Manika Batra, Mouma Das and MadhurikaPatkar. India, helped by these player’s heroics, defeated top-seeded and defending champions Singapore in the final to claim their first gold on Day 4 at the Games.

The girls, however, have no time to relish this success, since the Individual and doubles matches start on Tuesday.

Happily married but playing for India - top priority
Last year, Pooja tied the knot to her friend and former international player, Aniket Koparkar and she believes that was the best decision of her life. “I was slightly worried about my career post-marriage. But I got great support from Aniket who is now my coach as well practice partner. He plans my schedule so I don’t have to worry much,” says Pooja.

Pooja is currently being supported by Lakshya sports, which a non-profit organization working toward upliftment of sports talent in India. Lakshya sports recognizes budding sports talent in the country and provides them with training, support, finances, to enhance their performance and prepare them to compete at world level and bring back laurels to the nation. Pooja is sponsored by Sujanil Chemo Industries.

It won’t be wrong to conclude that our paddlers have not got the limelight they deserve. Only when this is a reality, Pooja and our team will get the recognition form the world which is essential for the future of sports in our country.

Make your CSR a NSR, Join Lakshya

Every member of the society is expected to have social responsibility, be they students, professionals or regular individuals or citizens. Lately though, we have often been hearing the term ‘CSR’, which means Corporate Social Responsibility or, in business circles or corporate settings, simply known as social responsibility.

Importance of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ensures that a business does more for the wellbeing of others than required in an economical (make a profit) and legal (obey the law) sense.
From an observer’s standpoint, your company’s ability to practice social responsibility can be the difference between client choosing you or choosing your competitor, and today’s consumers are highly tuned in to whether or not a business is a responsible co-citizen in the world.
Anything that puts the company name in a positive light is bound to increase its brand value. To be effective in your CSR efforts and to reap all the potential benefits, your company will need to do more than simply “doing good for your community”. But how can you put social responsibility to full use and maximize its benefits for your brand?

Join hands with Lakshya sports institute and convert your CSR to NSR.

The obvious difference between CSR and NSR is that CSR is about treating the stakeholders of a corporation in an ethical and socially responsible manner while NSR is about treating the stakeholders of a nation in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
What if we show you an ideal path to not only achieve an excellent CSR but also contribute to the nation in the form of NSR or National Social Responsibility!
Lakshya, is a non-profit organization that identifies, supports, motivates and assists budding sports talent in our country and nurture them to compete at highest international levels and continue bringing laurels to the nation. We are determined to give the talent it’s due recognition and helping them outshine in their respective arena. Currently we support more than 40 players in the field of badminton, chess, tennis, shooting, boxing, table tennis, wrestling and archery.

Your CSR will become a part of country’s achievement and hence contribute at national level once you choose to join Lakshya. Each time India wins, it’s a win for you as well.

As per the Companies Act 2013, Lakshya is CSR compliant.

Do your CSR bit with Lakshya Sport Institute.

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Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a ‘Responsibility’ anymore!
Previously, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) used to be a tag along afterthought for many of the companies. Firms would budget some leftover funding to charity or make some eleventh-hour donations just for the sake of fulfilling their CSR. Today, as the customers, employees, suppliers and the society as a whole place increasing importance on CSR, most of the companies have now started to view it as a creative opportunity to strengthen their business as well as contribute to the society.

Effective corporate social responsibility can improve your operations, help you build a stronger relationship with your customers and even help you cut costs and stay competitive with your corporate peers.

Thinking of a new way to fulfil do your CSR bit?
Naturally, executives face the challenge of coming up with an approach which would act as an effective CSR and create a lasting effect. That being said, what better way to achieve successful CSR than partnering with an organization which discovers budding sports talent in the country and provides them 360-degree services and a complete ecosystem to compete at world level and continue winning laurels for our country.

Why choose Lakshya Sports Institute to do CSR with?

Lakshya, a professionally managed non-profitable organization came up in 2009. It aims to identify young talented sports persons through a robust talent identification process and nurture them to further enhance their performance.
We currently support more than 40 players in the fields of Chess, Badminton, Tennis, Shooting, Boxing, Table Tennis, Wrestling and Archery. Many of our players have represented India at national as well as international level and brought back various accolades for the nation.
Five of our players represented India at London Olympics 2012, 2 players were qualified for South Korea in 2014 and 7 players took part in Rio Olympics in 2016.

How you will benefit as a supporter?
A social responsibility becomes a benefit to you and your Organisation/Brand once you choose to join Lakshya. These are the following reasons explaining how:
1. You don’t just do CSR, But also represent our country.
2. India wins; You win.
3. You get to be a part of the Olympic Games.
4. The Gold won for India will have your contribution.
5. You don’t just fulfill your social responsibility, You be a part of the country’s achievements.

As per the Companies Act 2013, Lakshya is CSR compliant.
Our platform is open to all sport enthusiasts as well as supporters to join hands and work towards a common cause of bringing glory to the nation. We guarantee complete transparency in the annual report exhibiting utilization of funds and displaying the impact on the athletes’ performance.

Get involved with Lakshya and become a value-added partner with the organization, contributing to your CSR bit as well as towards sports upliftment in India.
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