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Every member of the society is expected to have social responsibility, be they students, professionals or regular individuals or citizens. Lately though, we have often been hearing the term ‘CSR’, which means Corporate Social Responsibility or, in business circles or corporate settings, simply known as social responsibility.

Importance of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ensures that a business does more for the wellbeing of others than required in an economical (make a profit) and legal (obey the law) sense.
From an observer’s standpoint, your company’s ability to practice social responsibility can be the difference between client choosing you or choosing your competitor, and today’s consumers are highly tuned in to whether or not a business is a responsible co-citizen in the world.
Anything that puts the company name in a positive light is bound to increase its brand value. To be effective in your CSR efforts and to reap all the potential benefits, your company will need to do more than simply “doing good for your community”. But how can you put social responsibility to full use and maximize its benefits for your brand?

Join hands with Lakshya sports institute and convert your CSR to NSR.

The obvious difference between CSR and NSR is that CSR is about treating the stakeholders of a corporation in an ethical and socially responsible manner while NSR is about treating the stakeholders of a nation in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
What if we show you an ideal path to not only achieve an excellent CSR but also contribute to the nation in the form of NSR or National Social Responsibility!
Lakshya, is a non-profit organization that identifies, supports, motivates and assists budding sports talent in our country and nurture them to compete at highest international levels and continue bringing laurels to the nation. We are determined to give the talent it’s due recognition and helping them outshine in their respective arena. Currently we support more than 40 players in the field of badminton, chess, tennis, shooting, boxing, table tennis, wrestling and archery.

Your CSR will become a part of country’s achievement and hence contribute at national level once you choose to join Lakshya. Each time India wins, it’s a win for you as well.

As per the Companies Act 2013, Lakshya is CSR compliant.


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