Benefits of Sports

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We Share Our Love For Sports With You

Sports have always been the favourite part of our lives since childhood; be it those evening “playtimes”, a chess game with father, gully cricket, basketball or even the dart game! They shaped us in many ways and directions. Some of us turned them into career, some into passion and some into weekly recreational activity!
Those were the times when the benefits, importance and significance of sports were not much thought of. Later as we grew up, their gravity sunk in and made us realise that their benefits extend beyond playing and good health!

There are some major influences that occur due to playing a sport; for example:
  • It inculcates leadership skills and abilities
  • Playing sports every day increases the stamina
  • The rigourous muscle movements keeps the body fit
  • It helps the player sleep better
  • It instills the habit of teamwork
  • It boosts the self-esteem
  • It is a great stress buster
  • Playing a sport improves one’s concentration
  • It makes for a good recreational activity
  • And most Importantly, it teaches “sportsmanship” which helps in the long run

Nowadays, the sports such as Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Wrestling, Boxing etc. have seen an uplift of spostmen and are the ones that have been shining at international games like Olympics and Commonwealth! These are the sportsmen who took up sports as a hobby and made it their passion for life! Such dedicated sportsmen need support and grooming which later boosts their own confidence and helps them represent India at international level.

Lakshya Sports is a non-profit organisation which provides the initial stepping stones to the upcoming talented sportsmen in Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Wrestling, Boxing, Chess, Archery and Shooting. Lakshya helps them achieve their goals and their dreams by providing them the overall support and round the clock mentorship.

This initiative by Lakshya is solely directed towards fulfilling their as well as India’s dream of achieving Gold Medals at every international game and bringing glory to the country! This dream requires help and support by the active and vigilant citizens of the country!
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