The “GRAND” Master

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The “GRAND” Master
Vidit Gujrathi, the fourth Indian to ever cross the rating of 2700, attained the title of Grandmaster by doing so at a mere age of 18. Vidit Gujrathi was born on 24th October 1994. He started his coaching from an early age. He displayed a high level of genuineness and started making his name in national competitions.

Lakshya, an organization which is always in search for talented athletes with an aim to support them with everything which they lack, approached Vidit Gujrathi and helped him with all the things he needed and gave him get on the track of success through his raw talent.


- He finished second in the Asian Youth Championship in the U12 category, thus becoming a FIDE Master in 2006.
- In 2008, he won the World Youth Chess Championship in the Sub-junior category (Open U14), becoming the first Indian to do so.
- He finished 2nd in the U-16 category of the World Youth Chess Championship in the year 2009.
- He also earned a GM norm in the NIT Nagpur GM International Open Chess Tournament 2012 in Nagpur
- In 2013, Vidit won Bronze in the World Junior Chess Championship in Turkey in the (U-20) category.
- He secured the 8th position at World Rapid Chess Tournament in Doha in December 2016.
- He finished third in the Hyderabad International Grandmasters chess tournament in 2013.
- In 2017, he finished ahead of Vishwanathan Anand, also, he took the sole second spot behind Carlsen Magnus at Isle Of Man Tournament in October.

Witness the game that made Vidit Gujrathi reach the Elo rating of 2700:

He was born in Nashik and did his schooling at Fravashi Academy. Throughout the years of his road up to grandmasters, he was also coached by IM Anup Deshmukh, IM Roktim Bandyopadhyay and GM Alon Greenfeld of Israel. GM Abhijit Kunte, who once also coached Vidit said that he was capable of reaching an ELO rating of 2700 in two to three years. Vidit lived up to his expectations and showed his geniuses. GM Abhijit Kunte also compared Vidit's gameplay and style to an Indian chess prodigy GM P.Harikrishna. Currently, he is ranked 3rd Nationally and 41st in the world.

Lakshya and Bharat Forge Limited are proud to support Vidit’s amazing talent.


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