The Shooting Star: Ayushi Podder

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Born in the year 2000 in Rishra, West Bengal, Ayushi Podder took up shooting as a sport at the age of 13 years (in 2014). With her goal already decided and with a clear vision in mind, she then started practicing regularly at the Bull’s Eye Shooting Academy for Air Rifle dedicating Mondays to Fridays to the sport. And if you’re wondering what constituted her Saturdays and Sundays and guessed that they were also occupied with the sport, then you guessed right. She trains at the North Calcutta Rifle Club on the two days.

Ayushi’s father, who is in services with Eastern Railways as Office Superintendent and a member of Indian Railways Shooting Team. Ayushi being a part of the National squad, trains under Junior National Coach Deepali Deshpande. She practices with her father's rifle.

Ayushi has had very successful games and still does. Following are some of her achievements of when she truly stole the limelight!
- July 6, 2015: won the team championship bagging 12 medals, including 4 gold at the West Bengal Open Air Weapon Shooting Championship
- May 1, 2016: won a Gold at the ISSF Junior World Cup with Gaayathri Nithyanadam and Sonika collectively shooting a total of 1846.6 score to emerge as winners
- Feb 16, 2017: Ayushi Podder with Mehuli and Shreya Banerjee teamed up to win 4 silver medals in youth, junior(National Championship), senior (civilian) and junior (civilian) category at Pune Air Rifle Shooting.
- August 3, 2017: won Bronze in junior 50m prone event
- September 11, 2017: 5 silvers in 50m. Prone Seniors & Juniors, 50m. 3. Position Senior, 10m. Air Rifle Junior & Youth event. And a Bronze in 10m. Air Rifle senior event
- December 15, 2017: won Bronze in 10m. Senior National Championship, 4 team Gold in Senior Civilians, Junior National Championship, Junior Civilians and Youth event

Ayushi is right now being supported by Lakshya and sponsored by Sony Pictures Network. We are expecting all the more from Ayushi next year and we are sure she won’t let us down as her achievements itself are a testament of that.


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