Chess State of Mind: Aditya Mittal

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Aditya Mittal, a student of Vibgyor High School, Malad is a chess whizz kid and an early bird who started playing at the age of 5 years. Aditya was inspired by his brother Vinayak Mittal to pursue chess. He showed a great potential in the game quickly, showing proficiency in advanced techniques, initially showing his talent and might. No surprise that he is keen on strategizing and planning ahead with a great hand eye coordination given that his next favorite thing is solving jigsaw puzzles. He managed to improve his skills over time without any help from any coach. He started conquering the scene swiftly with his outstanding talent, making his name in the sport and rising in ranks slowly.

Lakshya, an organization which helps talented and needy athletes all over the country, agnized the young latent talent. They approached Aditya Mittal and took him under their guidance and provided him with a high level of tutoring for chess. With his precise chess plays, his games seem simple, clean and clear at work and get complex as the game proceeds. After receiving training through Lakshya's help, he took off for a journey to achieve great lengths in the sport.


- He scalped an International Master in the second round and drew with a woman IM in the next, of the Mumbai Mayor's Chess tournament at the Mount Litera School, BKC.
- He defeated IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni, even though he had an injury during that match.
- He won Abu Dhabi Masters; International Chess Tournament.
- He won the both World Youth Chess Championship & Asian Youth Chess Championship.
- He was honored by The President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan with the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement.
-He won the Best Mumbai Player Award.
-He also has won over 100 medals including Gold, Silver, and Bronze through participating at various events.

Aditya Mittal holds the title of “Candidate Master”. He ranks 5th (Under-11) in World and 3rd (Under-11) in both Asia and India. The little champ recently made a world record by crossing the barrier of 2000 ELO points. He also has a high-quality score for every match, with a rating of 83.12. He also annotated the game between Aronian versus Rapport which was held a few months back. GM Pravin Thipsay says that he feels that Aditya Mittal will become a Grandmaster sooner than later.

Aditya Mittal is currently being sponsored by Lakshya and Sony. They provide him with coaching and travel facilities. He is very committed and practices for about 2-4 hours on weekdays and more on weekends which is the evidence of his determination. He is the most inborn and natural player one can encounter. Immensely patient, Aditya is, at the very least a reincarnation of some legendary chess player from the past. Aditya is someone whose present achievements prove that he has it in himself to take that extra mile and become a Grandmaster and a legend of our age.


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