Support the Talent that will bring GOLD to INDIA

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Support the Talent that will bring GOLD to INDIA

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Many a times we come across people who are talented and hardworking, yet lack the desired support! Many a times we see intelligence not getting it’s due light because of monetary issues! Many a times, the sportsperson loses a medal just because of an uncomfortable or an improper equipment; well, no more!

We have taken a pledge to primarily work on providing exposure to sportsmen and the sports they play! We are determined to give the talent it’s due recognition and helping them outshine in their respective arena! Hence, we established ‘Lakshya’ with 4 major visions in front of us:
  1. To nurture the budding Talent
  2. To support them to win Gold for India
  3. Create awareness about sports in certain sections of the country
  4. To see India shine in sports at global platform
In our journey to achieve the ‘Lakshya’ we seek the support of entire nation to bring glory to India by supporting our players through us!

How to get involved with ‘Lakshya’
Our platform is open for all the sports enthusiasts and supporters to come together and work towards a common cause of bringing glory to the nation! You can become a friend of Lakshya or a value addition partner with the organization.
Become our Friend:
Any supporter or sports enthusiast can join us at any vertical or chapter after filling an online form. To become friends with Lakshya, please click here!
Become our Value Addition Partner:
Your service, your profession, your hobby, your monetary help and also your time, serve as an added value to our organization! The service could be anything from being fitness expert to consultant or even a marketing expert! Hence, we urge you all to come and join hands with Lakshya to change the face of sports in our country! Corporate or personal help in terms of general donations are eligible for income tax rebate under section 80G of The Income Tax Act.
To donate for the cause, please click here!

Support the Talent that will bring GOLD to INDIA:
To become a Donor, Supporter or Sponsor- Get in touch with us today!

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