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Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a ‘Responsibility’ anymore!
Previously, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) used to be a tag along afterthought for many of the companies. Firms would budget some leftover funding to charity or make some eleventh-hour donations just for the sake of fulfilling their CSR. Today, as the customers, employees, suppliers and the society as a whole place increasing importance on CSR, most of the companies have now started to view it as a creative opportunity to strengthen their business as well as contribute to the society.

Effective corporate social responsibility can improve your operations, help you build a stronger relationship with your customers and even help you cut costs and stay competitive with your corporate peers.

Thinking of a new way to fulfil do your CSR bit?
Naturally, executives face the challenge of coming up with an approach which would act as an effective CSR and create a lasting effect. That being said, what better way to achieve successful CSR than partnering with an organization which discovers budding sports talent in the country and provides them 360-degree services and a complete ecosystem to compete at world level and continue winning laurels for our country.

Why choose Lakshya Sports Institute to do CSR with?

Lakshya, a professionally managed non-profitable organization came up in 2009. It aims to identify young talented sports persons through a robust talent identification process and nurture them to further enhance their performance.
We currently support more than 40 players in the fields of Chess, Badminton, Tennis, Shooting, Boxing, Table Tennis, Wrestling and Archery. Many of our players have represented India at national as well as international level and brought back various accolades for the nation.
Five of our players represented India at London Olympics 2012, 2 players were qualified for South Korea in 2014 and 7 players took part in Rio Olympics in 2016.

How you will benefit as a supporter?
A social responsibility becomes a benefit to you and your Organisation/Brand once you choose to join Lakshya. These are the following reasons explaining how:
1. You don’t just do CSR, But also represent our country.
2. India wins; You win.
3. You get to be a part of the Olympic Games.
4. The Gold won for India will have your contribution.
5. You don’t just fulfill your social responsibility, You be a part of the country’s achievements.

As per the Companies Act 2013, Lakshya is CSR compliant.
Our platform is open to all sport enthusiasts as well as supporters to join hands and work towards a common cause of bringing glory to the nation. We guarantee complete transparency in the annual report exhibiting utilization of funds and displaying the impact on the athletes’ performance.

Get involved with Lakshya and become a value-added partner with the organization, contributing to your CSR bit as well as towards sports upliftment in India.


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