Vidit Gujrathi - A BIG WIN

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Vidit Santosh Gujrathi is quite a celebrated name in the field of chess.
Born in Nashik on October 24th1994 to Dr. Santosh Gujrathi and Dr. Nikita Santosh Gujrathi, he attained the title of ‘Grandmaster’ at the mere age of 18 in January 2013. He is the fourth Indian ever who has crossed the rating of 2700 and is currently rated at 2718. At present, he is the third highest chess player in the country after Vishwanath Anand and PentalaHarikrishna.

GM Vidit speaks.
“I started playing chess when I was almost 7. My dad taught me chess and whenever I lost to him, it angered me to learn more’’, said a delighted Vidit in a recent interview. On being quizzed about his comparison to Vishwanath Anand, his nonchalant reply was “Of course Vishwanath Anand is a legend, and it will be nice to overtake him, but I would rather want to be the first Vidit!” When you realize the gravity of the statement you are overwhelmed by a sense of respect and admiration. The admiration increases many folds when you see that the individual making that statement is only 23 years old.

Vidit is currently being sponsored by Lakshya Sports and Sony pictures network who help him by providing necessary coaching, travel expenses and constant motivation. Seeing his amazing journey, one thing is absolutely certain. He has all the makings of the next world champion from India.

The list of Vidit’s achievements is long however here we acknowledge his recent big win.
Vidit Gujrathi has won the Tata Steel Challengers 2018, held at Wijkaan Zee, the Netherlands, from
January 12 to 28.

With this victory, Vidit has secured a spot for himself in the Tata Steel Masters 2019, which will witness best chess player across the world including current World Champion Magnus Carlson. Vidit made his debut in Wijkaan Zee but emerged as the top seed with high expectations. He played some solid chess to score 9.0/13 with five wins and eight draws to remain unbeaten and finish first.

Round 11 displayed a tough fight between Vidit and his Ukrainian opponent Korobov and concluded in a tie with both players at 7.5 points. As it turned out, Vidit scored 1.5 points in the next two rounds while Korobov could gain a 0.5/2. Thus, the Indian grandmaster won the tournament with one extra point. With this remarkable victory, Vidit took his live Elo rating at 2723.

This brings Vidit on the 30th spot in the world rankings. 

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