The Shooting Champ: Nupur Hagawane Patil

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Making a National Record in Shooting can be a dream to many, but this very feat was achieved by Nupur Hagawane Patil at the mere age of 13 years. Wonder what contributed to such a success for Nupur? Two words: Hard-work and perseverance.

Born on 7 February 2002, Nupur is currently almost 17 years old but she has already added a lot of feathers to her crown. So it did not come as a surprise when Nupur was selected in the National Squad while she is also a part of India’s Youth Team. This is also why she is the current national Champion (NC), made New National Record (NNR) at the age 13 years 10 months by scoring 413.5

It is obvious that such sheer talent won’t go unnoticed and hence Nupur is being supported by Lakshya Sports and sponsored by Sony Pictures Networks. Some of her attainments are mentioned below.

  • December 2015: Won Gold (413.5) at the 59th National Shooting Championship held at the Dr Karni Singh Range in Tughlakabad in New Delhi.
  • October 2017: Bagged 4 GOLDS at the Maharashtra Shooting Championship in Youth, Junior and Senior Category by scoring the highest 417.7
  • December 2017: Won 3 MEDALS at the 61st National Shooting Championship Competition
    - Bronze: In the Youth Team
    - Silver: In the Junior Civilian Team
    - Silver: In the Senior Civilian Team

Though she has a long way to go to achieve other titles, Nupur still isn’t short of a wonder in the Shooting sport. We wish her all the best for her future matches. We believe that it won’t be long until she starts breaking records and becomes an amazing Shooting Champ.



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