Because helping win Medals is a National Social Responsibility (Crowdfunding Campaign)

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Because helping win Medals is a National Social  Responsibility (Crowdfunding Campaign)

We, at Lakshya, are tirelessly helping athletes win Olympic Medals and are aiming at making India a Sports Power. We believe in providing 360 degrees full-fledged support, coaching, training, fitness regime, nutrition, mental training etc to our players.

Nevertheless, our athletes at Lakshya need support to realize their dreams and eventually shape the sports future of India. It’s the time to support those who don’t always get the opportunity to excel in spite of the skills only due to lack of finances. Which is why we started a Crowdfunding Campaign - to fund the barrier between talent and achievements.

How are we going to use the funds?
Our primary aim will be using the funds to enhance our players’ capabilities which will pave the way for winning Gold at the Olympics.
Funds will be utilized for the following:
1) Skill Enhancement,
2) Physical and Mental Fitness,
3) Injury Management,
4) Sports Equipment,
5) Nutrition,
6) Fitness,
7) International Exposure, etc.

We believe that this cause is not just a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but also an activity on individual level which we would say is a National Social Responsibility (NSR).

You, as an individual, can help us by donating and supporting us in your own way: you can donate and share our fundraising campaign across social media.


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